September Update

We don’t have a full documentary this month – for a pretty good reason. 

Our senior producer and his partner had a baby a bit over a week ago. Congratulations Sam and Patricia. It’s so nice to have a little new life – especially when things have been bleak.  

Sam and I have been working on something you’ll hear next month. A follow up to episode 2 – “Change Intolerance.” In that episode, we explained how everyone on methadone got switched onto a big pharma formulation in 2014. That left loads of us dope sick and topping up from a contaminated drug supply. 

Overdoses and deaths followed and I’m pretty sure we’ve lost thousands this way.

Sam & I followed up Laura Shaver’s big question from that episode – Why? Why did the government make this decision? Why didn’t they listen to us when we said it was a mistake? 

Crackdown requested documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Much of what we got back was redacted – censored. But the documents that we CAN see – they tell a story. We’ll have that for you at the end of October. 

And in November, we’ll have a documentary on the crisis in Scotland. We were in Glasgow in late August. 

Finally a bit of personal news. Back in the day, I messed up school because I spent all my time grinding to get up cash for heroin. This month I went back. I’m taking another run at higher education. So in a few years, hopefully I’ll get to say to cops: “Actually, that’s DOCTOR Mullins, officer.” Fingers crossed. 

See you soon. Keep six.