Episode 10: Passing the Marker

In 2018, Scotland had a higher rate of drug-related deaths than Canada or the U.S. — even though fentanyl hasn’t taken over the U.K.’s drug supply. In Episode 10, CRACKDOWN crosses the Atlantic to try and figure out what’s going on.

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Sources: Scotland and Glasgow; Canada; B.C and Vancouver; US 



We would like to thank the following for their help in Scotland: Martin Coyle, Gary, Robbie, Cas, Babs, and Michelle.

Jason Wallace and Kirsten Horsbru from the Scottish Drugs Forum.

Peter McDade.

Andrew McAuley from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Mark McGhee from the band Girobabies .

Amanda Craig.

Donna Boyd.

Everyone at Sunny Govan Community Radio, 103.5 FM in Glasgow. You can listen online at sunnyG.com.

And Val D’oro Chippy.

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