Bonus: The Palace

Crackdown Editorial Board member Al Fowler. Al is an organizer with the BC Association of People on Methadone and the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.

A full transcript of this episode is available here.

This month, Crackdown is exploring the pernicious connections between North America’s overdose crisis and the housing crisis. Next week’s show will be a full documentary. This week, Crackdown editorial board member Al Fowler tells the story of Vancouver’s infamous The Palace Hotel and the tyrannical landlord who ran the place.

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Garth Mullins is Crackdown‘s host and executive producer.

Al Fowler is this month’s lead editorial consultant.

Crackdown’s Editorial Board is: Samona Marsh, Shelda Kastor, Greg Fess, Jeff Louden, Dean Wilson, Laura Shaver, Dave Murray, Al Fowler, and Chereece Keewatin (RIP).

Crackdown is produced by Garth Mullins, Sam Fenn, Alexander Kim, Lisa Hale and Gordon Katic. Our scientific adviser is Ryan McNeil from the BC Centre on Substance Use.

The music for this episode was written by Garth Mullins, Sam Fenn, and Jacob Dryden.

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