Dean Wilson—a Crackdown editorial board member and  elder statesman of Vancouver’s drug user movement—thinks 2019 might be his most disappointing year as an activist. “We’ve accomplished absolutely fucking nothing, I’m incredibly depressed about it,” he recently told Garth Mullins. 

“2019, will be known to me as the year that nothing happened.” 

Dean’s right. We haven’t had a big win in a while. And 2019 feels a bit like a depressing blur. But it was also a year where we fought back. In the last Crackdown episode of the year, we tell four stories about surviving the drug war. Each story is one small moment–something that might otherwise be forgotten. Maybe these stories can tell us something about where we are now—and what we need to do in 2020. 

A full transcript of this episode is available here.

Jeff Louden’s arm, covered in Tagaderm. Photo by Garth Mullins.
Sam Fenn interviews Samona Marsh and Kevin Yake upstairs at the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users. Photo by Alexander Kim.
Garth Mullins sits with Ollie.  Photo by Dexter McMillan. 

This episode discusses suicide. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or know someone who is, you can reach out for help here: 



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Today’s episode also featured the song “Fuck You Pigs” by Trey Helton’s band The Fuck You Pigs.

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