Episode 24: If It Wasn’t Drugs It Would Be Something Else

Desmond Cole in Toronto. (Photo: Allie Graham)

On Episode 24, Garth talks with the best-selling writer and activist Desmond Cole about how police use Canada’s drug war as a pretext for violence against Black communities. Garth and Desmond also discuss the relationship between the movement to decriminalize drugs and the movement to defund and abolish the police.

A full transcript of this episode will be available here soon. 

Further Reading and Listening

Check out Desmond Cole’s book The Skin We’re In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power

Desmond also discusses Robyn Maynard’s work in this episode. You can check out her book Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present here. 

You can hear Frontburner’s interview with investigative journalist Judy Trinh about the police killing of Anthony Aust here. 

Also check out the CBC Database of use of Deadly Force in Canada 2007-1017.

Thanks to Allie Graham for recording Desmond Cole in Toronto. Allie works on the podcast We Are Not the Virus, which you can listen to here

Today’s episode also included a clip from the YouTube interview show, Midas Letter. Midas Letter’s full interview with Julian Fantino is here.

Calls To Action

Support Malton People’s Movement against police brutality, Defund 604 Network in Vancouver, and Black Lives Matter Canada

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