Episode 4: Blame

Moms Stop the Harm rallies for decriminalization of illegal drugs at that BC Legislative Assembly in June 2018. (Photo: Alexander Kim)

This is not just some force of nature. Someone is to blame.

You can download a full transcript for Episode 4 here (PDF).

Petra Schulz, co-founder, Moms Stop the Harm. (Photo: Alexander Kim)

Reading List

Werb, D. et al. (2016) The effectiveness of compulsory drug treatment: A systematic review. International Journal of Drug Policy, 28, 1-9.

Beletsky, L. and Davis C.S. (2017) Today’s fentanyl crisis: Prohibition’s Iron Law, revisited. International Journal of Drug Policy 46, 156-159.

Urban Survivors Union. Do Not Prosecute Order/Advance Directive/Living Will: An Advance Request to Limit the Scope of Failed Drug War Policy.

See Beyond, a knowledge translation project partnership between researchers and members of Moms Stop the Harm and mumsDU.

Moms Stop the Harm members march in Victoria, BC to decriminalize illegal drugs. (Photo: Alexander Kim)


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